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Warehousing space

Enhance your logistics efficiency with our strategically situated warehouses. Flexible commercial warehousing is now accessible to every business in Oklahoma!

We provide well-organized and safe facilities for businesses seeking warehouse rental services. Designed for the convenience of bulk stock load, unloading, and transportation, we have integrated drive-in doors for effortless navigation.

With downtown Broken Arrow as little as 2.6 miles away, utilizing additional commercial warehouse space at Broken Arrow Business Park enables downtown shops and storeowners to expand their retail space to accommodate more customers while keeping their product inventories close and accessible.

Keep your possessions and inventory managed and stored securely in our well-equipped warehouses. Two of our buildings in the park have these units, providing enough space to retain your belongings in a climate-controlled environment.

Building No. of units Dimensions
C & D 18 units 25 ft wide by 60 ft deep

Why Choose Rental Warehouse at Broken Arrow Business Center

1. Diverse Unit Sizes for Varied Needs

Our units range from 500 to 1500 sq. ft., accommodating various inventory sizes and type requirements. Whether you need to lease a small warehouse in Tulsa or a larger area, we have options from 40’ to 60’ in length and 12’ to 25’ in width, all maintaining a standard height of 10’.

2. Convenient Overhead Drive-In Doors

Ease of access is a priority. Our overhead drive-in doors provide enough clearance for standard-sized cars and trucks, streamlining the loading and unloading process. This feature is essential for businesses that require frequent movement of goods, reducing the need for manual carrying through smaller doors and saving valuable time and effort.

3. Ample Parking and Easy Access

The park layout is designed for convenience, offering ample parking right in front of your unit and throughout the park. This accessibility is beneficial for customers, vendors, and staff, ensuring smooth operations and hassle-free access at all times.

4. Integrated Office Space

Each warehouse unit includes a separate office space. This additional area is perfect for administrative tasks, meetings, or as a dedicated customer service area, without the need for external office rental.

5. Dual Entrances for Office and Warehouse

Our units feature separate entrances for office/reception and warehouse areas. This separation enhances operational efficiency, and maintains privacy for office work.

6. Strategic Location with Highway Access

Located less than 0.5 miles from the Broken Arrow Expressway entrances, our business park offers unparalleled access to key locations like downtown Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and the surrounding region. This proximity to office spaces and major highways is ideal for businesses that rely on quick and versatile links.

7. Climate-Controlled Units

Comfort and product safety are paramount. Our units are equipped with heating and air conditioning, providing a controlled environment that's essential for storing temperature-sensitive goods. Options include HVAC systems for the entire space or split units for office areas, ensuring optimal conditions year-round.

8. Ready for Immediate Occupancy

Most of our units are move-in ready, allowing for next-day occupancy in many cases. This swift transition capability is ideal for businesses looking to minimize downtime when relocating or starting up. Prospective tenants can inquire online warehouse for rent near me or contact management about current availability to find the best fit.


Q: Is the warehouse space customizable to meet specific business needs?

A: Arrow Business Center offers customizable options to meet specific business needs. The unit sizes range from 500 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft., with varying lengths and widths, providing flexibility to accommodate different business requirements. Additionally, the separate office spaces that come with the warehouses can be tailored to meet specific business needs.

Q: What is the accessibility of the warehouse in terms of transportation and logistics?

A: The Broken Arrow Business Center's warehouse space boasts excellent accessibility in terms of transportation and logistics. Situated just 2.6 miles from downtown Broken Arrow, with entrances to Broken Arrow Expressway less than 0.5 miles away, the warehouse space ensures effortless access to downtown Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and the entire region. This facilitates convenient transportation of goods and supplies to and from the warehouse.

Q: How quickly can I move in once the lease agreement is finalized?

A: Once the lease agreement is finalized, most of the warehouse units at Broken Arrow Business Center will be tenant-ready and can facilitate next-day move-in for most tenants. Prospective lessees can inquire with the management to determine availability and initiate the move-in process promptly.

Q: How do you handle specialized storage requirements?

A: The business center is equipped to handle specialized storage requirements. Whether it's for unique products, sensitive materials, or specialized equipment, the warehouse space can be adapted to accommodate specific storage needs. Prospective tenants can communicate their specialized storage requirements to the management to ensure that their needs are properly addressed.

Q:How do you ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of the warehouse space?

A: The maintenance and cleanliness of the warehouse space are top priorities at Broken Arrow Business Center. The park offers parking in front of units and throughout the entire park for customers, vendors, and staff. Additionally, all units are equipped with heating and AC, ensuring a conducive environment for storage. Tenants can also rest assured that the management maintains the warehouse spaces to high standards to uphold cleanliness and functionality.

If you're looking for new warehouse space to rent, or a combination warehouse store, stop by, contact or call us at 539-867-1899 to see what we can do to help with the next chapter in YOUR business' success!

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